Monday, March 15, 2010

the best hiphop videos ever (well what i think)

i will be posting old school song of the day but here is a couple of tracks i like to jam to when im out walking around or just chilling at my house
man oh man do i love this song this is like the illest song out a couple of years ago i was riding to newyork with my older brother and this song was blasting ever since then this has
been my complete favorite track of all time love it you should listen to it maybe you will like it as well who knows ??

dont sweat the technique by eric be and rakim has to be the greatest hit of all time this brings me to my graffiti stage when i thought i could do it it just flows with the letters and the arts great track it will always be one of my favorites

another eric be and rakim great this is the track from the movie juice love this jam to the fullest kid

these jams have helped me alot with art like i really like urban art so these tracks have helped soo much getting me through tough times and also getting me through tough projects

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