Tuesday, April 27, 2010

my oh my

i cant believe this is a house how cool 
oh well the inside is 2 great i think ill keep the interior 2 my self =]

Monday, April 26, 2010

!!!!!!!!!!!!!MY DEAR READERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just to let you know im working on a big project with some local artist and photographers for a gallery you guys let me know what your up 2 and thats for following me i love you all
soon im going to post  must haves for a modern household and im also going to try to do song of the day since alot of people really dont know about real music well i love you guys all 

make sure 2 comment and follow i follow all my followers =] love you guys 

Saturday, April 24, 2010

for my lady readers

my taste in life

a good friend of mine basically described himself in pictures this is what im trying 2 do here 
you should try this it removes stress lol 
im in love with contemporary design its in my blood it lives with me i love it

i love modern art just because it no one wil ever understand it 

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

pharrell is my idol 2 the 1000 degree

from music 2 fashion and now this dope website for teens pharrell what are you going 2 bring out now 
thanks pharrell for bringing us this website 

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

okok you got me

ok i have been on lookbook.nu for the past week just looking @ some new things these guys post up man i swear it doesnt get better than this site i mean look @ all these fly honeys lol
come thru this site man inspiration 2 the fullest well enough of the talk just enjoy a great variety of pictures 
>>>>>>>>so much style <<<<<<<<<<<<<
sorry if i dont mention names but this pictures are strictly from lookbook.nu

Sunday, April 18, 2010

i swear im not getting no type of rest just work work work work work work

this weekend was like blahhh blahhh soo much working on this clothing line in the works its not even funny well it was fun had a good time with some of the staff from 21st props 2 them
i have realized curren$y is the best rapper in my mind i really like to listen 2 you should try 2 listen 2 him

how am i so modern

once again im not going to do alot of talking haha just let these pictures talk for me 
it will show you how much i love modern design on everything on cars and clothes 
i will feature some cars though

Saturday, April 17, 2010

jacob the jeweler Xcampaign classy looks

small talk enjoy the pictures what a serious look i love it 

this is pretty old but still lets just take some looks =]

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

architecture X bc house

ok im back with my latest find this house is beyond nice i really like the modern look on the house and how everything plays out im not going to talk much just enjoy the pictures 
and thanks to everyone who keeps up on my blog you guys mean the world =]
man oh man this is the greatest design on a house 

dont forget you guys to comment and let me know what your doing i would be soo happy to hear from you guys

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

lovely blogs and things of the week

ive been loving these type of designs lately and what can i tell you people it just catches my eye when i see something that i like well 

1..coming up @ number one is 
the 35 street home by lazar design what a beauty is she 

Monday, April 12, 2010

right now im furious XX but look at this look book nice huh

look at this lookbook its so ill i love it soo much but check this out all the peices are sold out what kind of hell is that i was very unhappy because i really wanted to get some peices from tobi mens fashion but im guessing i was kind of late oh well but here is the look book can we say beauty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sorry for the little shop with our stylist button it these pics are strictly from the website

there is more ladies and gents click on the continue reading for one more fab pic

atention okayy my friends my dear loved friends atention

i need someone to edit my blog make it cool and snazzy and stuff soo if any one could please contact me for more info if you want to do the project think of this as your ad on my blog for ever cause im going to promote you everywere so if anyone out there is reading this please and i mean please contact me 

also i would like to know some things that you did show me your portfolio or something so i can know this is not fake 

please hit me up

i have aim,msn,twitter,

aim: cheifofafections

msn: noel1386@hotmail.com

im on 24/7 thanks to my dear computer lol
and for anyone who wants to talk to me or have some cool i deas just contact me ill responde in a matter of seconds thank you =]

Sunday, April 11, 2010

ohh la la my favorite

man oh man
style is the key to every form of rocking

followers attention

i am very ashamed of how many followers i have lol but thats how it is im always on my grind 
doing new post so its all good the people will come i just started my blog almost a month ago and i guess its been going good
but i need more followers !!!!!!!!!!!! lol im going back to school tommorow the end of my spring break =[ and im very mad because my school is full of total fashion wannabes and fake sneaker heads and dodo mamas and other people i dont wanna see on my daily basis etc etc 

well everyone has inspirations when it comes to blogging me i have lots and lots 
but here are some of the blogs i check daily and ladies and gentlemen i mean daily like on my phone daily
i just love these blogs soo much some of them dont inspire me some of them are just stupid dope 

1. lynas blog

2.tommys blog

3.christas blog

4. adeen

i choose these blogs because they are ill. actually i like all the blogs i follow but these blogs have inspired me to blog x 100 soo thats why they are here who knows maybe your blog will be next stay tuned

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Thursday, April 8, 2010

10 deep spring collection

1. proud to be a problem tee 
Considered "problems" by some and role models to others, these figures represent qualities that are truly inspirational to the 10th. If you don't know, you need to do your homework...

i have been a fan of ten deep for a while but now i have seen these new peices they have and its like a kid at the candy store i love it these tees are unique and they go hard like the 10 deep motto some of these might be selling out quick and soon so make sure you get yours before it might be to late thanks for tunning in here is another post for the readers and the people that want to know about some new styles 

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Monday, April 5, 2010

christa X life in the couture lane

im very new to this blog stuff but when i see something i like i have to write about it for sure
christa from life in the couture lane man i love her blog when i found it i was super happy to see another dope blog that alot of people dont know i love this blog she has alot of style && btw she is very snazzy and cute =/ i really like her blog though its cool she has been on her move posting dope new things 2 amazaing flavor ..

you should follow this blog its dope i read up on this alot and this is one of the blogs i really enjoy it 

>>>>>btw darling lol i love that dress real nice <<<<

selective focus

young inspiration

before i ever got into blogging i would check out this dudes profile for some new styles 
or just to know whats going on in the fashion world i really like how creative his style is 
and the stuff he has on his blog its soo dope man like foreal tommy is the reason why i started blogging more and more i saw one creative person do it and like any artist i tagged along to see how this world is 

i would like to say is thanks tommy the fashionist your blog is super killer yo

click  and follow dope blogger yo

bic pen

do you guys remember in class when your very bored and you would chew on your pencil chew on this 

andy gilmore X random stuff

Sunday, April 4, 2010

just me =\

well ladies and gents things are going real swell these days just updated the blog and it looks
dope i new clothing line in the making and the look book is coming out soon soo stay tuned for that
im on spring break right now and its great im staying home because its a chill zone and i can blog a little more that im use to blogging i am also basically cut off alot of things now cause im trying to do new styles and sketches and designs

how about we get too the more swell things
coming up will be way more post on whats hot in my mind and more dope oldschool music love you guys signing off nef d god

glow in the dark adidas X dope

but yo check out this glow in the dark adidas ohh man

mayo w look man this girl has style

i saw this and fell in love 

you might not understand this girls reading cause i mean she is like asian so you wouldnt understand but we can clearly see that this girl has class just look at the style love it 

andy warhol

the man behind everything i know everything i have ever liked
the stylistic the the icon the one and only

warhol and basquiat

examples of the masters work