Monday, April 5, 2010

christa X life in the couture lane

im very new to this blog stuff but when i see something i like i have to write about it for sure
christa from life in the couture lane man i love her blog when i found it i was super happy to see another dope blog that alot of people dont know i love this blog she has alot of style && btw she is very snazzy and cute =/ i really like her blog though its cool she has been on her move posting dope new things 2 amazaing flavor ..

you should follow this blog its dope i read up on this alot and this is one of the blogs i really enjoy it 

>>>>>btw darling lol i love that dress real nice <<<<


  1. thankss soo muchh Nef d! your amazing..your too sweet.

    -Christa- <3

  2. i really liked your blog though it was soo cool =]]]]

  3. Thanks soo much I'll make a Twitter later on today..thanks for promoting my blog !


    You can contact me on facebook become a fan of my blog please on facebook thanks again

  4. whats your last name so i can find you cause i knoe that there is more people named christa in the world =] lol

  5. christa felton but my facebook name is christa babyy