Saturday, April 24, 2010

for my lady readers

i love it when i see a girl and she has style and original style she is not following a trend nor copying a look she is just being herself this look describes that its soo def its not even funny this comes from work custom jeans if you havnt heard about them then you should look em up 
here is a lil something that describes them and what they are about females please read up because you dont want to look hurt nor look like a mess when your wearing a pair of jeans 

WorkCustom® is a label brought to you by jeaners and industry veterans who have been behind some of the most coveted and prolific denim brands in the world. The label offers interpretations of your most-loved silhouettes. While design is heavily influenced by modern & pop art, culture, architecture, music and film, it's the factory workers, operators and technicians behind-the-scenes that are the real spirit of the brand. It's their imagination that shapes and molds forms from rough sketches; it's their skilled and trained hands, meticulously sewing, washing, processing... working fabrics into completed garments with uncompromised quality and attention to detail. It's the passion of the factory workers -- their pride of workmanship that fuels WorkCustom®. You're not just getting another pair of jeans, you're getting the culmination of their blood, sweat and tears. The result of their efforts: jeans that mold to your body like they were custom made... Jeans that last and only get better with wear. And while the label's popularity and fan base has expanded from its original artist enclave in Echo Park, WorkCustom®'s philosophy remains the same as when it was first created: to love what you do and do what you love.

via work custom website


  1. I like this reminds me of someone .. haha

  2. I'm gonna have to check these out...