Monday, April 5, 2010

andy gilmore X random stuff

i really like these two the best =\

im a sucker for new art im guessing now so many things have been done that
its harder and harder for people to be original from stencil art to splashing paint on a canvas
everything has been done thats the beauty of it people did it and came thru with a big bang it

but this artist this new artist i found while i was looking through the cool
man he is great i have never seen anyone with peices like him no one

his choices of color make his random paints pop thats what i love about it so much it makes you wonder what is so cool about the painting its just random colors
im really digging this


  1. hey, this is cool one of the most expressive parts of fashion is through the arts.

    you visited my blog recently thanks for showing me some love your blog is nice and im now following you message me sometime

    much love
    -christa melonae


  2. i love your style will do =/