Tuesday, April 13, 2010

lovely blogs and things of the week

ive been loving these type of designs lately and what can i tell you people it just catches my eye when i see something that i like well 

1..coming up @ number one is 
the 35 street home by lazar design what a beauty is she 

aww man wouldnt you like to live here this is my fav things of the week so if you want to check up more on this house visi t35 street house @ the contemporist

coming in @ 
2. is the absolute fav to me 
the supreme nike sb
bam bam bam i love these dont get em dont want em just the color is what i like;/
coming in @ number 3.
is a blog yes a blog a blog it is 
malibu mara i love her blog and read up on it everyday

>>>>>>>>malibu mara<<<<<<<<<
and well number 4 should have been number one  song of the week
for all the N*E*R*D heads 

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