Wednesday, May 12, 2010

random pictures that inspire me the most

this is my  biggest inspiration : the illest artist alive im not gonna say who he is cause he is so ill but that is a tapestry yes a tapestry of brad pitt isnt this great this mean you can do anything you put your mind to 

art doesnt have to look a specific way express yourself

well im working hard right about now so i havnt been posting and i feel bad about this so i made a solution 2 post a week 2 keep my readers informed about the realness in my life =D but how are you guys doing i want 2 know hit me up please im always trying to find dope people 2 share ideas with so if you have an idea dont be a stranger hit me up im down to listen

but besides that these are the pictures that inspire me the most in my down time they also let me realize that life 
is great and 2 stay fly


  1. I'm not normally a Brad Pitt fan but this photo on the tapestry is definetly real...great post!

  2. me neither i hate him lol but its a tapestry lol i never thought this could happen