Saturday, August 14, 2010


well well well
im not one of those white models with a 6 pack lol
i just happen to have a great taste when it comes to clothing-nefd

this week has gone by and i have learned alot
first thing is that money is the root to all evil idk why
second thing is that i went shopping and god damn it was annoying
we are almost going back to school i guess that wud be fun time to show the world
who is the best dressed


any one want to chat or something i would like to talk to my readers or the people who follow my blog


  1. =].
    Money Is Def. The Root Of All Evil.
    & I Think It's Great That Your Trying To Get
    To Know Your Bloggers Individually.
    Not Many Bloggers Would Take The Time To Do That.
    I Would Love 2 Talk 2 U Since Ur One Of My Followers Also =].

  2. So will there be a post of back to school best dressed looks from you? I love men's clothing almost as much as women's!

  3. yep actually im going to post what im going wear for the first day