Sunday, August 1, 2010


well well well
this week i have received great news
moms coming home from her long trip (u know you love your mom =])
and im the products for the line is almost out and going still need to
fix a couple of things and put alot of people in there places
and its so hard cause everyone wants to be a part of the design team
and well its just a no not everyone is artistically gifted like my design team props to them for making things work smooth props to our photographer for taking dope pictures and props to all the homies that have supported us
and well props to jesus for making things happen
let me tell you about the 21st we are just a bunch of cool kids who like to have fun and be creative

&& school is almost here smh summer went by so quick
inspirations lately:
andy warhol
the great


  1. It's pretty dope how things are coming together for you. I wish you the best :)

  2. This blog is definitely my new obsession haha.

  3. loving the essence of your blog!