Thursday, April 8, 2010

10 deep spring collection

1. proud to be a problem tee 
Considered "problems" by some and role models to others, these figures represent qualities that are truly inspirational to the 10th. If you don't know, you need to do your homework...

i have been a fan of ten deep for a while but now i have seen these new peices they have and its like a kid at the candy store i love it these tees are unique and they go hard like the 10 deep motto some of these might be selling out quick and soon so make sure you get yours before it might be to late thanks for tunning in here is another post for the readers and the people that want to know about some new styles 

happy doa tee 

10 deep go hard tee a must have =]

10 deep insigma tee


  1. Where can I find the problem Tees? Website? Are there more? I have a nephew these would be perfect for...

  2. well this is were i got the idea from the 10 deep shop if your looking for like a store were you are from google it or your local skateshop would have some thanks for commenting can you please follow it would mean alot

  3. 10 deep has some dope stuff man... thanks for checking out my blog..

  4. your blog has the most amazing things in it it has basically dressed me with new styles thanks

  5. hey!! thanks for the follow.. ill follow back.. and i LOVE 10deep.. i have like 20 shits from them!! lol (none of these though.. but i will soon hopefully) <3



  6. thanks for following it means alot you guys

  7. aye thanks for the love on my blog, sorry if i wasnt following i kinda feel off with the whole blogging thing but now im back and im following you now :)