Saturday, April 10, 2010

modern cabin

i really never do a post on a modern home but this house really inspired 
me and did tell you guys this house is not really a house its a cabin how odd this peice of architecture 
doesnt even look like a cabin it just looks like a modern home but its a cabin with some style 
way beyond the cabins we are use to looking at the inside is even nicer something right out of a futuristic movie 
i really love the detail this cabin has and i really love how it is in the right place around alot of green grass it really makes the cabin pop out and stand out 

this is from check out the site for more exclusive modern places to live 


  1. dope! and the blog is super fresh keep up!

  2. yo dat cabin is dope as fuck

  3. Love modern architecture...How hot would it be to live clean. Great post!

  4. P.S. I follow you...I think you've got a good style eye...

  5. thanks for the support guys means alot =]