Monday, April 12, 2010

atention okayy my friends my dear loved friends atention

i need someone to edit my blog make it cool and snazzy and stuff soo if any one could please contact me for more info if you want to do the project think of this as your ad on my blog for ever cause im going to promote you everywere so if anyone out there is reading this please and i mean please contact me 

also i would like to know some things that you did show me your portfolio or something so i can know this is not fake 

please hit me up

i have aim,msn,twitter,

aim: cheifofafections


im on 24/7 thanks to my dear computer lol
and for anyone who wants to talk to me or have some cool i deas just contact me ill responde in a matter of seconds thank you =]

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  1. Hi cheers for the comment on the Brandy/flo-Rida piece got cool ideas going on up in here! ...thank for the follow.