Sunday, April 11, 2010

ohh la la my favorite

man oh man
style is the key to every form of rocking

just the kind of houses i would like to live in
flavor @ its finest

i normally like some more not so modern things but when i saw this i fell in love it was soo ill these houses are just so stylish  i would reall like to live in one of these just chilling 
this house is called modularing house by a-cero architects


  1. Sick ass cribs but cud only dream of living der cuz I kno da prices for it are crazy lol keep up da good post tho son.

    plz do follow:

  2. Is this from contemporist? i love that site (:
    The architecture is amazingg (:

    And aim i do not have, i will make one this week though.

    But my email is

  3. Amazing! I used to study architecture but then I realized that interior design was my true calling. Great post :)


  4. Love your posts! Are you sure you're not into the modern architecture? These are amazing, I always wonder what the inside is like...

    Anyway, I hope it's not silly but I left an award for you at my blog...