Saturday, May 22, 2010

as you know

im going to do these post to say what i like i like alot of stuff  so this could be long

im a warhol fanatic i dont know why but i love andy warhol the man was a one of a kind person
my favorite warhol quote

a friend said if i was in the cleveland show this is what i would look like and i gotta say 
he is correct 

this is my description of long lol well personal style since i refuse to follow a trend 
what are your styles im simple with my clothing and you ?


  1. Andy Warhol bags are really nice too... i really like the artwork of his bags the MOST!!!

  2. I admit, I love clean simple yet modern lines for clothing, (believe it or not good old Calvin Klein does some amazing pieces,) mostly because I'm short and I feel like too much adornment is overwhelming on my frame. But sometimes I worry that I'm too plain and might get overlooked so I like to throw in an unexpected print every now and then. I guess as long as the shape is clean and easy, it works for me.