Saturday, May 22, 2010

my likes of the day

i love alot of things in this life lord knows i do 
well number 1 is feist man do i love feist yes i do i love her music
we are also going go get married ( i wish) 

number 2 i love simple things like simple clothing
number 3 albert elbaz the guy is a genius

rite about now these are the only things  that i like


  1. i like ALBERT ELBAZ as well he is very inspirational!!!!

  2. Elbaz is incredible! Lanvin is amazing under his hand. I wish I could afford some in my wardrobe. I'm also a little hooked on Donna Karan this spring as well.

    What I'd love for summer though is an old school Norma Kamali bathing suit...I think with your modern tendencies, you'd appreciate the clean designs. I'm not really rambling, I just find these designers of equally exciting calliber.