Monday, May 31, 2010

heyy look click click

im going to get into my photography again because i realized there is nothing to do these days 
and just doing modern art is getting a bit boring for the summer and i really love documenting peoples lives i see it as fun cause people have so many expressions its so cool  haha 

i decided to terminate everything i was going to do for the summer and work on my line and work on art and take pictures guys you do not want your summer to be cramed with work and mine is already up to the tip of the glass with work 

what is your plans for the summer im dieing to know haha


  1. Dope Dope Blog, im LOVING it :) thanks for following.
    Plans for the summer? Heading Back to Jamaica and then just shopping around Soho and the a true New Yorker !

  2. I just started working again, not so much fun for the summer but I had a nice spring to myself...I have a trip planned for a few days to New Orleans...and then back to work.

    I'm into the photography idea...let's see what you get!

  3. i find photography nice,,, lol and since its summer u can take extraordinary dope pics!!! lol

  4. Awesome blog you have here!! :)
    Come check mine out..