Thursday, May 27, 2010

oh my god

i havnt done  this in a while and its been a busy month and im so sorry well
here it is 
i got an interior for you and i think your going to love it i only pick the best ones because like most people here they just jump on the band wagon and come on now we all know that that is no fun so here it is

this interior is by miel architects and boy do they know how to fix up a living space

a little small summary of whats going on here

The restructuring of the former spaces of the flat gives place to visual unexpected whose origin always is the principal room that does the times of “room of control”. From it, across the court you see another room, across the distributor a bath appears and across the bath ensuite is the living; it is this “diluted” bath the one that allows you to brush your teeth with the light and the reflection of the trees of the street.
Two golden guides re-follow the bodies that slip on both sides of the diagonal, two technical guides that support the wired up, lighting, guides of doors and a sliding stairs. These golden lines establish a horizontal division in the flat: up to 2,20 m it flows the living space and above the given space floats, with another scale organizes mezzanines of storage, bottle racks, the entry of zenithal light in the bath or a polyvalent room.


  1. I want to move in that house right now, or can your decorate mine just like that?

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  6. Nice! And in one of my current favorite color combos, white and gold...feels clean and rich at the same time. It's brilliant how they used the stairs as storage on both sides! Thanks for sharing!

  7. i want living in this house!
    that looks fantastic! :)
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