Sunday, April 11, 2010

followers attention

i am very ashamed of how many followers i have lol but thats how it is im always on my grind 
doing new post so its all good the people will come i just started my blog almost a month ago and i guess its been going good
but i need more followers !!!!!!!!!!!! lol im going back to school tommorow the end of my spring break =[ and im very mad because my school is full of total fashion wannabes and fake sneaker heads and dodo mamas and other people i dont wanna see on my daily basis etc etc 

well everyone has inspirations when it comes to blogging me i have lots and lots 
but here are some of the blogs i check daily and ladies and gentlemen i mean daily like on my phone daily
i just love these blogs soo much some of them dont inspire me some of them are just stupid dope 

1. lynas blog

2.tommys blog

3.christas blog

4. adeen

i choose these blogs because they are ill. actually i like all the blogs i follow but these blogs have inspired me to blog x 100 soo thats why they are here who knows maybe your blog will be next stay tuned


  1. Like the post bro (:

    keep it up (:

    Followers will come, just keep doing your thing. Be you (:

  2. Great group of bloggers! Thanks for the links!

    It doesn't matter how many followers you have, you just need to keep doing and talking about what you love, what inspires you, and who you are...It's that easy. (And it's that hard too...) You're very good...